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Beautiful Divorced Maid And I

Post #1

Beautiful Divorced Maid And IHey guys. my name is Tony and I am 26 years old now. I am a 5?5¨ guy with an athletic body and an average member. The incident I am about to share with you happened when I was 22 and during the final year of my college.Sandhya was her name. The maid, who had been with us for about 3 years.When I was 22, she was 34 and divorced. She has a lean body, with symmetrically well-balanced buttocks and breasts. She was quite fair and beautiful too. But due to her family issues, she had to marry an older guy, who abused her, and so she got divorced at 30. She is now 34 (and I am 22).I myself have been wanting to have sex ever since I knew about everything when I was a teen. I am the youngest of the family and in fact, very curious too, which lead me to the discovery. I used to masturbate every day since I was a teenager.For the past 3 years, Sandhya had been a very loyal and respectful maid. She does her work in time and completes it without any problems.Because of it, mom likes her and so, she gives her a bit more freedom in the house. Sandhya always wears a long nightwear dress while she is working.I love it when older women wear nightwear at their homes. It just turns me on. I used to browse the internet and search for milfs and other aunties wearing such dresses and imagine me fucking and playing with their tits while I masturbate.So, after Sandhya started working in our home, she was my cum-queen. I used to masturbate thinking of her every day.The best days are when she comes into my room for cleaning and wiping the floors. That?s the chance for me to take some sexy pics of her, which I could later use to jerk off to.So what I do is, I pretend like I am using my phone for Whatsapp and all, and when she?s in front of me, I?ll slowly switch my camera and start taking pics of her.Sometimes I take videos too. The pictures and videos just make my cock so hard. Seeing her bending down and wiping the floor, while her breasts are just moving here and there inside. Plus, when she turns around and bends down, I would be so tempted to just live up that dress, pull down her underwear and just fuck her from behind.But I try and control myself and slowly rub my hard erect cock when she is in those positions. Her lips are kinda juicy and fat. And they make me go wild. Every time I see her, it?s like I wanna fucking taste those lips and suck them.One day, she had been working so hard and cleaning all the rooms. The last room she came into was mine. The day was very hot and so, she sweated a lot. I could see her underarms and ass and neck all sweaty.I don?t know what, but it?s like something got over me and I started rubbing my cock and didn?t care if she saw it or not.Oof..those sexy legs and ass was so juicy. Her fucking tits got so wet that her nipples started poking through the dress. Man! That was one hot day indeed. I took tons of pictures and a lot more videos of her sweaty and sexy body.One day, my parents called me downstairs and told me that they got a call from a relative of ours and said that, her father passed away. I told my parents, ?Ohh, that?s sad, he was a good guy?.Then they asked, ?Are you coming with us??They asked the question because I normally don?t go for funerals.And so, I said, ?No, I?m not coming. I don?t wanna travel for that long and I don?t wanna go for that funeral. I have work to do. You guys go ahead?.And so, they said okay, and then started to pack their bags. It was a 2 day trip to that place, and so, they began packing.I was on my way to go upstairs to my room when I heard my mom asking me to call the maid. And so, I came down from the stairs midway and then went to the kitchen and called the maid.Me: Aunty, mom is calling you.Sandhya: Ohh, okay. I?m coming.We both then went to my parents? room and then knocked on the door.Me: Mom, she?s here.Mom then opened the door, and I started leaving for my room.As I was going upstairs, I heard mom asking her to stay for the 2 days and cook food for me. She quickly agreed.Upon hearing this, for some reason, my heart started pumping faster and faster. I kinda got excited for some reason.By afternoon, my parents packed their bags and left for the funeral. We both waved them goodbye as they drove out from our site. After they went, I looked at the maid and smiled and went back to the house.That evening, I woke up after sleeping off in the afternoon and came downstairs. To my surprise, I found her rubbing herself with her clothes still on, watching videos on the smart tv.I realized that she hadn?t seen me, and so, I slowly stayed away from her sight, to see what she?s going to be doing. She had her hand into her pussy from underneath the dress, although I couldn?t see it. She was pushing her hand in and out.I quickly realized what she was doing, and wanted to take this chance. And so, I took out my phone and captured her fingering herself, while I rubbed my cock with my other hand.This went on for like 2 minutes. I had a rock hard erect cock. I then suddenly withdraw my hands from my trousers and then stopped recording.And then, acting as if I knew nothing and came up from my sleep, I quickly came downstairs, saying, ?Sandhya, can you make me some tea?, and then quickly gasped, acting as if I was surprised at the sight of her pleasuring herself.Me: What are you doing?Sandhya got quite shocked. Upon seeing me, she suddenly took out her hand and pulled down her dress.She said, ?I am sorry. You shouldn?t have seen this. Please.. Don?t tell your mom about this.?Me: What? Tell my mom? No, I wouldn?t do that. Besides, even I touch myself sometimes. There?s nothing wrong with it.I tried speaking like this, so as to calm her mind. I could feel my cock hard inside my trousers making a small tent. But I acted as if I didn?t notice it.Sandhya: Ohh, but I am sorry. It?s bad. You shouldn?t have seen this.I quickly came closer to her, while she was sitting on the couch and held her hands and looked into her eyes and smiled, and said, ?Hey, it?s okay?.She then smiled a bit and looked down suddenly.Sandhya: What is this?Me: What?s what? Wha are you talking about?I acted as if I was looking down and was surprised. And then covered my tent in my trousersMe: Ohh no. I am so sorry.At this point, Sandhya has a smile. A naughty smile. She asked me to come towards her. And then, she held both my hands and removed it from my tent.Sandhya: Ohh my, did I excite you that much?Me: Well, you are very attractive sandhya, so yea, any man would get excited seeing your sexy body.Her face filled with surprise.Sandhya: So you have been checking me out, huh?Me: Nothing like that.. just... *stammers*Sandhya: Don?t lie to me. I have seen the way you look at me, you naughty boy.I smiled nervously.Sandhya: Well, you have got a pretty big tent there. Wanna do something about it?Me: I will rub off upstairs and come back soon.Sandhya: Now why would you do such a foolish thing when I am here.She then pulled me closer, and then, just like that, pulled my trousers down, revealing my thick hard cock, in front of her face.She asked me to take off my t-shirt and then removed my trousers completely. I was completely naked.Me: This isn?t fair. If I?m naked, so should you.Sandhya: *smiles* mm..yes.I should.She then hugged me and grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to her again.Then she looked up at me and smiled, while she spat on my cock with her saliva, and started spreading it all over my cock with her hands.Sandhya: Ohh my, you?re really hard.Me: *giggles* thanksShe started to jerk my cock with her hands, making it moist. Then she slowly brought her face near to my cock and asked me, ?So..You wanna know why this is gonna be better than rubbing off??I could feel her warm breath on my cock and she talked to me. And then, she slowly opened her lips and started to put my cock inside her mouth.She started giving me a blowjob, so slowly and passionately. But this was my first ever blowjob and within seconds, I came inside her mouth. She kept on sucking my cock so fast and sucked all my cum dry.And then, stood up, and removed her dress.I could see her body in bra and panty. Oof, that just made me go wild.She then came towards me and then, started to kiss my lips. Bit by bit, she was teaching me how to kiss (without words).Slowly after kissing for about 3 or 4 minutes, she opened her mouth and so did I. Then we started to do french kisses. Ooh my, time flew while we were kissing.We looked at the time, and it turns out, we?ve been kissing for half an hour!It was so crazy. Then after that, Sandhya laid back on the couch and said, ?your turn?.And so, I knelt down and started to kiss her. Then slowly, I kissed her cheeks, her forehead, her neck, and one kiss at a time, I went down towards her breasts.I undid her bra and oof, she has the most amazing sexy tits. I didn?t wait, but instead jumped straight in and started to kiss, suckle and bite her nipples and tits.I hear her moan and push my head onto her breasts.Then slowly I pulled down her panties. She was so wet, cause you could see her panties wet and sticky as I removed it. I then kissed her thighs and slowly came up to her pussy, running my lips along her inner thighs.Then, I took some saliva from my mouth and spit it on her pussy and rubbed it everywhere. I then slowly started to taste that juicy pussy with my tongue. This was the first time I was tasting pussy, and man oh man, it?s fucking tasty and smells fucking hot. I was so turned on that, I slowly started getting hard again.I then quickly took her into my arms and brought her to the edge of the couch. Then, I lifted up her legs. I stood up, and then, pointed my virgin cock towards her pussy and slowly started pushing it in.I thought it would slide in, but her pussy was so tight. And so, I had to push it bit by bit as I thrust her with my hard thick cock. She moaned a lot, asking me to go in slowly and so I did. When I was fully inside her pussy, I moaned too.My cock was so warm inside her wet hot pussy and slowly I pulled it out and pushed back in. Bit by bit, I started thrusting her with speed and force.Next thing you know, we were fucking each other and kissing each other like wild a****ls sweating everywhere.After that, when I was about to cum, I pulled my cock out and came over her navel and tits and some hit her face too.After that, I collapsed on her, breathing heavily. And then slowly kissed her.She then whispered to my ears, ?relax, we have 2 more days you naughty boy. We?re gonna have so much fun. Oof, not even my ex-husband had satisfied me as you did.?She laughed while breathing heavily.Me: Ohh, I am looking forward to it. *winks*And for the next 2 days, we fucked each other a lot. Ate food from her mouth. She drank from my mouth. Oof?. It was one hell of an experience.And for the next few weeks, we played around here and there. And then, she came to me one day, with a concern. She told me she was pregnant and that it was my baby.What happened was, the last day of those 2 days, I fucked so hard, that I pulled my cock out after I came inside her a bit.We then discussed it, and she said that, she?s gonna get married to a guy soon and that she won?t be working here anymore.She married that guy, just so that she could hide the pregnancy coz of our relationship. But luckily, she?s happy and has twins. A boy and a girl. And as much as I love my c***dren, I?m sure they have a good mom and a good dad. So I moved away and checked in on them once in a while.Feedback mail: playboyplus777@gmail.comGirls are also welcome to contact me if they wanna have some fun.
24 Haziran 2021, at 21:19


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